APPNA – New Jersey Chapter:

  • Founded in 2003: Dr Shaukat Chaudhry was the first president
  • First annual dinner was held in November 2003
  • 2005: A very successful fundraiser was held for the victims of devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan. Aid worth $ 150,000 were raised with the collective effort of EC members, members and donors. Dr Avais Masud was the president.
  • 2008: APPNA’s summer meeting was held in NJ under the leadership of then central APPNA president, Dr. Mehmood Alam.
  • 2011: APPNA-NJ was registered as a tax exempted charitable organization under the section 501 (c) of Internal Revenue Code. The long process of achieving the status was led by Dr. Mohammad Zubair.
  • 2012: APPNA-NJ Free Clinic was established. Dr Shahnaz Akhtar was the president and Drs, Mohammad Zubair,Iqbal Jafri and Farooq Rehman  were also the key people in making this a reality.
  • 2014: Dr. Nasar Qureshi, an ex-president on APPNA-NJ, got elected as President elect of central APPNA. He served as President Elect in 2015 and is the current President of Central APPNA for  year 2016.