APPNA-NJ Sunday Free Clinic Report 2016

The idea for the clinic began in 2011 under the presidency of Dr. Shahnaz Akhtar. Within a year a constitution was written with the guidance of Central APPNA and the help of our eager volunteer Madiha Aziz and Sahil Zubair. The clinic officially opened August 2012 operating out of the Muhlenberg hospital satellite emergency wing located at 1200 Randolph Road in Plainfield and, under the guidance of our directors, Dr. Mohammad Zubair, Dr. Farooq Rehman, and Dr. Iqbal Jafri, it has grown since then.

Today we see an average of 15 patients per clinic. We are open every Sunday and see Patients only by appointment. Our staff of over 30 physicians who have been generous enough to donate their time come from many specializations: internal medicine, cardiology,neurology, nephrology, endocrinology, physiatry, pulmonology, and pediatrics. We also have many volunteers Interested in pursuing careers in health care from every stage of their education: junior high to college, and several who are now attending medical school. All of whom are able to do their part for the clinic. We assist patients in many ways. While the clinic is only open weekly, our volunteers are active all week. Patients need their appointments scheduled to fit their specific medical concerns with our rotating physician staff. All medical records need to be carefully secured and organized. We often need to defend patient prescriptions against disobliging pharmacies. Any patients in need of diagnostic testing are assisted by our volunteers in applying for charity care, provided through our partners at JFK Hospital who have greatly helped us for the last two years. They have also made available to us their nursing staff many of whom have regularly volunteered at the clinic.

For the clinic to continue to prosper, we ask that the APPNA community to lend us their support. We would be delighted if all our physicians would contact us to donate their time, and ask that any nonphysicians, students, housewives, anyone who wishes to support our cause also join us by contacting me. Iā€™d like to once again thank all our volunteers.

Please continue to support the clinic in the future.

Dr. Saira Zubair